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Hello, in this article we will be talking about how to Work for Livejasmin – one of the most popular and highest paid websites in the world. How to register an individual, paired and studio account at LiveJasmin? Either as a model or as a viewer.

Become a LiveJasmin model
  1. Individual (Single Account) models
  2. Paired Model Account
  3. Studio account
  4. Registration for users

Work for Livejasmin – Instruction

In order to start making money as a webcam mode, you need to create your LiveJasmin account in the model center. There you can set up your profile, manage your broadcast, see all payout statistics and other useful information.

First of all, go to the LiveJasmin model center and start registering your account, by hitting:

Once the page is open:

Work for Livejasmin

Click tab “Join us!” button located in the middle of the screen. Which sends us to the next page:

Work for Livejasmin

To register as a LiveJasmin model, you need to complete several stages. Enter your email address, come up with a password of at least 8 characters, accept the agreement policy and click “Create Account”. It takes us to the next step:

Work for Livejasmin

Individual LiveJasmin account (girls and boys)

If you are looking for a job as a LiveJasmin model and work for yourself only, select “Single Account” and click “Next”.

Work for Livejasmin

Here you should select the category in which you will be broadcasting. In the first two categories there is no need to strip naked, you can just flirt, and in 3 and 4 you will have to arrange some naked erotic shows by user`s requests(which provides with extra tokens,of course). For guys, only the Nude category is available.Also need to choose a suitable name (in Latin), under which you will be displayed on the site, and click “Next”.

personal details

Next, fill in the personal data for the passport (in Latin). Attention! This data will not be available to anyone except the site administration! Click “Next.”

personal data

Fill out personal data that will be available to all viewers. It is advisable to indicate real data. Moving on to the next paragraph using: “Next.”

document details

In the next paragraph, you need to specify a document to confirm your account. We indicate this document, as in the next paragraph you will need to provide photos with it. Enter the certificate number and indicate how long it is valid. Click “Next”:

Documents required to confirm LiveJasmin

Now the most difficult part awaits us, we need to upload 3 scans or photographs of the document mentioned in the previous paragraph. Photographs must be of excellent quality, preferably color scans. On this site, the most rigorous verification of documents and images of poor quality will be rejected.

id front

1. The front side of the document – you just need to upload the image of the front side of the document, if this is a passport, then upload the spread of the first page.

id back

2. Back of the document – upload an image of the back of the document. If this is a passport, just download the cover of the entire spread.

face & id

3. The face and the document is the most difficult part, you need to take a picture with the document in your hands in front of the face. At the same time, all the data on the document should be well readable and the image quality should be high.

After that, click on the “Finish” button at the bottom of the screen.

model center

The instruction on how to become a LiveJasmin model is over. Now wait a little till your data`s verifyied and account activated. Usually this happens quickly, the maximum consideration takes 24 hours. If there are any remarks, you will be obligated to download the documents again, after rechek you will be notified about the solution by email. After that you are free to start broadcasting and making money!

Work for Livejasmin (paired account)

Become a LiveJasmin model(paired account)

In order to register a double-account, we should repeat the same as before, but add another model in your account by clicking on “add model” in the upper right corner. Thus, you can add a guy to a girl, or even several people, and broadcasting with them. GO TO REGISTRATION.

Studio registration on LiveJasmin

Studio registration on LiveJasmin

A studio account is needed if you own a studio with numerios of models. You will be receiving all the money, eared by the models All the money earned by the models will go to your account. Thus, you can dispose of them giving models a salary. In order to register a studio account, you need to select the type of account “Studio account”. Then we register everything ourselves and register the studio models by adding them to your studio account. GO TO REGISTRATION.

Registration for users (members)

In order to watching and chatting the models, create a user account, for this visit the site:

To Register on LiveJasmin as a viewer follow next steps:

Work for Livejasmin

What we see is an incredibly beautiful site, where in the upper right corner we hit the “Subscribe now” button.

Work for Livejasmin

Beside the window with a charming girl, you need to fill out details and click “Subscribe now.” Next, choose a payment method and buy a package of tokens (site`s currency) for which the girls gonna fulfill all your desires ONLINE. This completes the registration on LiveJasmin website.

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