Sign up for OnlyFans 2020 – Register and Create account

This article describes in detail how How to sign up for OnlyFans occurs with a model. As well as full customization of the profile and payments. And even recommendations for its promotion are given.

  1. Registering an Online Account
  2. Completing Your Online Profile
  3. Linking Twitter Online
  4. Onlyfans Profile Verification
  5. Uploading photos of Onlyfans documents
  6. Setting Onlyfans Photo Prices
  7. Setting Subscription Price
  8. Connecting a payment wallet
  9. Promotion and Subscribers of Onlyfans

Learn what`s Onlyfans and its purposes

Onlyfans – a special service which allows increasing income of webcam models. It works quite simple – you upload some erotic photos and videos, being able to set both video&photo and subscription price. Then u need to promote the Onlyfans account using your streams or social networks – like Facebook or Instagram. In order to see your photos and videos users would pay the price which you have set. That`s how you get payments every month for an each subscriber.

The only disadvantage of the service is – you need to be a bit a famous model in order to start making really decent amount of money – for Onlyfans has no its traffic and relies on your popularity only. Yet if you are about to become a model – it`d be still a good idea to register on Onlyfans. The minimum subscribe price is 5$ so it`d be good to begin with subs for free, getting paid for photoes and videos only. Minimum price for the content is 3$. Onlyfans – a good way of making money and getting experience, aspecial for begginers.

 Sign up for OnlyFans and account verification

Let`s have a look at what u need to do to pass verification. Step by step:

1. Go to Onlyfans oficcal site.

You will see this page:

How to sign up for OnlyFans 2020

Type your email address and password twice (at least 6 symbols, one nubmer, uppercase and lowercase letters required) > press «Sing up».

2. You will be transferred to Onlyfans homepage and asked to confirm email u have just used. Then follow the link in the message (remember to check Spam).

How to sign up for OnlyFans 2020

Sign up for OnlyFans – How to fill your profile

3. Following the link you will see:

How to sign up for OnlyFans 2020

First of all u need to upload the avatar and cover. They must not be too sexual – don`t take off underwear. Fill in the gaps (in Latin, use google translator), all the gaps below should be filled.

Username – your page address on Onlyfans.
Display name – a displayed name. Use the same as a username.
Bio – Tell a bit about yourself.
Location – your country (false location is allowed).
Website URL – link to your website (use your webcam profile).

How to link Twitter to Onlyfans

4. Go to section Account and hit Twitter. It`s necessarily or your account won`t be veried. If you don`t have any – just get one and follow the screenshots below.

How to link Twitter to Onlyfans
How to link Twitter to Onlyfans

Onlyfans a new accout verification

5. In order to begin registration, be sure that you have a document which proves your name and age – we need to be sure you are 18 years older. Verification process is strict so pay attentions to the details. Be ready to upload the photos over and over again. Verification process is strict so pay attentions to the details. Be ready to upload the photos over and over again.

To start verification you need to open the side panel – follow the screenshot:

Onlyfans a new accout verification

By pressing «Add a bank» you will see the verification window:

Onlyfans a new accout verification

Here you need to choose your place of residence and confirm you are at least 18 years old and the age of majority in your place of residence. After that we press “Next”.

Onlyfans a new accout verification

In the next step you will be offered two ways of getting verificated:

– Fast Automaed Verification
– Slower Standard Serification (SSS)

Choose the second one for it secures you from making a lot of mistakes. We gonna be focusing on this way of verification.

Onlyfans standart verification

6. Once you have picked SSS you will be shown the next page, fill in the gaps:

Onlyfans standart verification

First name – your real name (follow the passport)
Last name – surname (follow the passport)
Country – place of residence (follow the passport)
Address – street and house (lie is allowed)
City – your town (follow the passport)
State or Region – again (follow the passport)
Postal/ZIP – postcode (lie is allowed)
Twitter – your nickname on Twitter platform – in «@nickname» form. (Lie isn`t allowed for it will be checked by the administration)
Instagram – same as Twitter
Date of birth – follow the passport
Document type – choose «Passport»

Please be sure that all the gapes have been filled in correctly then move to the « Photos for verification «

Sign up for OnlyFans(Photos uploading)

Onlyfans photos uploading

7. You need to upload 2 high quality photoes:

1)  Photo of a document (passport).
2)  Photo of your face with the document.

Pay attention to:

  • The photos should be in a high quality.
  • All the information given should be easy-to-read (on the both ones).
  • Photos more than 7 mb size are restricted.
  • The photos must not be edited in any way.
  • The document must be seen in a full size.


  • Use a rear camera to get high quality photos
  • Upload the photos via PC or phone. Don`t use any social networks for they decrease the quality
  • Take focus at the place you are holding the document (for a second photo), pressing the phone`s screen – the letters would be easier to read.

Good job! Once you finish uploading the photos by pressing «Select file» – hit «Send for approval», the documents will be checked in 24 hours. If you are rejected – the reasons will be provided, so you ll be able to take another try. Here is the end of Onlyfans registration process. In the next steps we gonna be looking at – how to upload photos and link the payments to «Paxum».

How to set price for photos and videos:

First of all the account needs to be verificated. By hitting the “Plus” as on the screenshot go to Сontent uploading:

How to set price for photos and videos:

And we proceed to downloading content, for this we click “Add Media” in the left corner of the screen.

How to set price for photos and videos:

Here you are able to add photoes and videos and set its price by hitting «Post price».

How to set price for photos and videos:

Setting the price (at least 3$) > press OK (click next to Cancel for the button is invisible for some reason).

How to set price for an Onlyfans subsciption

Setting the subsctiption price is strongly recommended for famous models only – who has already a decent subs number. If you are not – just leave it aside and set it For free. Anyway go to «Settings» as in the screenshot below:

How to set price for an Onlyfans subsciption

Move to «Subscription fee» and setting the minimum price 5$ per sub or leave the place empty if the sub if for free.

Sign up for OnlyFans(Connecting payments)

In order to get payments on Onlyfans you need to posses a registrated online wallet Paxum, ePayService or Skrill. The artice how to registrate it is coming up soon.

Once the account is approved you will be able to get payments. So let`s have a look using Paxum. Click « Add a bank « as on the screenshot below.

How to set price for an Onlyfans subsciption

Pick «Paxum» from the list:

How to set price for an Onlyfans subsciption

By filling in your email address for Paxum e-wallet we are about to finish registration on Onlyfans. Click «Save payout details».

 How to gain popularity on Onlyfans – best tips to get more subs

As we havc already mentioned Onlyfans platform has no its traffic – so the only way to gain popularity and become famous is to attract subs all over the Internet. Here are the simpliest tips how to become a popular model:

1. Use the Onlyfans profile link in any webcam sites or socialmedia
2. Try to remind about the Onlyfans account everytime you are streaming
3. Make sure there`s enough content For free just to attract new subs
4. Disable paid subsctiption for a while, aspecial at the beginning
5. Don`t forget to refresh the content with new photoes videos and streams. Try to stick to schedule

In any case, if you work as a web model, then registering a Onlyfans profile is very important, your profit can increase significantly

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