Work at BongaCams as a web model, video chat review

Work on BongaCams as a web model, video chat review
  1. Average earnings
  2. How much do the tokens cost?
  3. Private Rate Chats
  4. Contests and Prizes
  5. Payments to models
  6. Documents for registration
  7. Video chat rules
  8. BongaCams promotion

Nowadays BongaCams is one of the best webcam video chat in the world. This site provides a great oppurtunity for beginner web models to make yourself known. The work at BongaCams is very comfortable, for it is possible to work over the phone via special applications. The site interface is simple and intuitive. For new models a beginner status foreseen,which allows you to be displayed highly among the others models during the first month at a job,as a result,getting a huge number of fans and the opportunity to earn money in the very first days.

Work at BongaCams average earnings of web models

The average earnings of web models at BongaCams according to our statistics is $ 50 per day. Among models working more than 2 months, this figure already exceeds $ 100 per day. Experienced webcam models that have been broadcasting for more than six months on average receive $ 200 per day. Well, the top site models manage to make 300 $ -500 $ per day. Thus, the more your work experience is, the more you get on BongaCams. Due to the fact that your number of fans is increasing continuously, popularity and position in the search are growing. In addition, it makes you more confident and communicative. You begin to understand how to find an approach to the audience and how to get more income out of them.

Average earnings of web models on the BongaCams website depending on work experience:

1 Week
5-10 $ per day
1 month
10-50 $ per day
2 months
50-100 $ per day
Half a year
100 – 500 $ per day

BongaCams token price, how much is 1 token?

Considering that the model has a full profile and RevShare (% which the model receives) = 50%. In this case, one token for the model will be $ 0.025. If the profile is not complited and RevShare is only 40%, then 1 token for you = $ 0.02. Accordingly, 10 tokens = $ 0.25, 100 tokens = $ 2.5. You can increase your RevShare up to 60% by activating the Hot Mode. But for this you need to spend a fairly large amount of time online during a certain period.

Token prices for models provided RevShare = 50%

1 token
10 tokens
100 tokens

Work at BongaCams, types of private chat rates

BongaCams provides with 4 types of chat: free chat, private chat, full private chat and group chat.

Free chat – it’s called free chat because you don’t have to pay for it. But it is the most important, because with it you collect viewers, and then they offer you to go to a private chat. In addition, although chat is free, users can donate you tokens. Many top models earn in free chat, gathering a huge audience that gives the model tokens.

Private chat – any user who has a sufficient number of tokens can invite the model to it. The model can accept the invitation or refuse it. In this chat, only the viewer who invited you gonna see you. Yer there is a gap. Any user may  observe you, while paying a lower amount, but unable to communicate with you. There can be many such viewers and every minute they visit the broadcast –  you receive additional tokens.

Full private chat –  the only difference from the previous one is that`s a completely private way of chatting with you. You communicate with the viewer one on one and no one can watch you in any way.  Keep in mind, that the cost of such a chat is much higher than usual.

Group chat – the model can enable this chat in the settings, selecting the minimum number of viewers to start with. When enough users are gathered, the model will be able to start a group chat. The cost of such a chat for one user is much lower. But since there are several users, for the model it turns out about the same amount as a private chat and sometimes  even higher.

Peeping – the viewer for a small amount has the opportunity to spy on a private chat. At the same time, he`s unable to communicate with the model, just observe. In full private chat, peeps are disabled.

All prices for private chats are set by the site, the model cannot change them.

Token cost per chat minute:

Free chat
0 tokens
Private chat
60 tokens
Full private chat
90 tokens
Group chat
30 tokens
15 tokens

Cash Bonus Contests at BongaCams

There are several contests at BongaCams that are held on an ongoing basis. Winners and prize winners of the model receive a cash reward.

    Weekly Queen of Queens Girls Contest
  1. 1st place – $ 1000 and the title of Queen of Queens.
  2. 2nd place – $ 500
  3. 3rd place – $ 300
  4. 4-15 places – $ 100
  5. 16-30 places – $ 50
  6. 31-50 places – $ 25
  7. 51-100 places – $ 15
    Weekly Competition for Top 50 Couples
  1. 1st place – $ 400
  2. 2nd place – $ 200
  3. 3rd place – $ 100
  4. 4-15 places – $ 50
  5. 16-30 places – $ 25
  6. 31-50 places – $ 15
    Weekly Contest for Men Top 10
  1. 1st place – $ 200 and title
  2. 2nd place – $ 100
  3. 3rd place – $ 50
  4. 4-10 places – $ 25

And every hour the two most visited rooms receive extra $10 and $5 as a reward. Not a bad incentive to gather more viewers.

Payments and Payments to BongaModels Models

Every Friday BongaCamps models get paid.You can also withdraw earned money on Tuesday, if you fulfill special condition. To do this, you need to broadcast at least 3 hours, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 50. If you earn more than $ 200 in the last half of the year, payments will be available to you at any time. The minimum amount of instant payments is $ 20. The following payment methods are available:

no commission
3% commission
no commission
no commission

We recommend Epayments and WebMoney, the easiest way to register them. Although WebMoney has a commission, it is the most convenient.

Documents required when registering BongaModels

Only models over 18 years old can start working over the site. To register Bongacams account, you need to take 3 photos:

1. Photograph of a document.

Work on BongaCams

2. Face photo.

Face photo

3. Face & ID

Face & ID

As a document, you can use a driver’s license, personal identification card, a passport or an internal passport. Photos must be of good quality. All data on the document should be readable. All three photos must be taken at one time. If you use a passport, the photo should have the entire spread. On 2 and 3 photos, the face should completely enter the frame. A common mistake is to take 3 photos with a selfie camera, in this case the letters are mirrored. Usually a photo is checked in a couple of hours. Try to make perfect photos, otherwise they will not be accepted and will have to wait longer.

BongaCams Broadcast Rules for Models

    List of prohibited actions on BongaCams:
  1. You cannot transfer any contact information with personal data. Such as Email, Skype, WhatsApp and other information of the same type.
  2. You can’t interact with viewers on non-webcam sites. Offer to meet or any sexual services.
  3. There must not be minors or animals on the broadcast. All people who participate in the broadcast must be registered on the site as a model and pass verification.
  4. Work at BongaCams, promotion of an account, how to increase CamScore

    Work at BongaCams, promotion of an account, how to increase CamScore

    CamScore is a kind of model rating. The larger the CamScore model is, the higher it is located among the others.

      CamScore depends on the following factors:
    1. 1. Internet connection is the most important factor, models with poor connection are at the very bottom of the search.
    2. 2. Spent time online – the more and longer your broadcasts, the higher your CamScore.
    3. 3. Earned Tokens – the more you earn, the higher you become in the search. Absolutely all your earnings are taken into account.
    4. 4. The number of models and users listed on the site – in your account you have referral links to invite models and users. The more referrals you give, the higher you will appear in the search.
    5. 5. Hot Mode – a mode in which CamScore is multiplied by 1.25. Hot mode is activated when you spend a certain amount of time online on your broadcast in the current period. The amount of time that is left for you to activate Hot Mode is shown in your account. You will find the timer in the “DASHBOARD” section, after activation Hot Mode is active until the end of the period. It is noteworthy that in addition to CamScore, RevShare (percentage of the model of the token) also increases by 10%.

    New models get the average CamScore value among all the models on the site. So everything depends on you. Keep in mind that it will be affected by the factors above.

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