Webcam model jobs – job at home

Free schedule
Creative work
Without leaving home

Webcam model jobs – is a remote work. Profitable, interesting and creative activity. This type of activity has already gained popularity in a huge number of leading countries and is gradually gaining momentum in the CIS countries. The webcam business is actively developing each year, bringing a great profit to webcam models and services.

Average earnings of web model depending on how experienced she is:

First week
10-50 $ per day
More than a month
50-100 $ per day
More than three months
100 $ and more per day

If you already have got an idea about the webcam model job -start making money right now.

Please read carefully the following article, if you do not undestand what is it all about.

  1. Web model jobs what is this?
  2. How does the web model make money?
  3. Web model jobs benefits
  4. Who can become a webcam model?
  5. What determines the earnings of web models?
  6. Web model jobs and anonymity
  7. What does it take to get started?
  8. Web model jobs via phone
  9. Webcam sites, which one to choose for work?

Webcam model jobs what is this?

Webcam model jobs what is this?

A webcam model is a girl or guy who communicates with a large number of users at the same time via special websites, by streaming over a webcamera or a phone. Everything that you earn depends on you and your imagination.

There are a lot of rich men who are ready to pay willingly for having a pleasant chat with a model. No sense of hiding that being undressed makes them stare at you in amazement, which may be combined with an imagination and boldness of a girl, so increaces your income. As you know, men love when lady fulfills their erotic fantasies,thus they are going to prodive you with cash as a gift or kind of a present.

Webcam model jobs, how to make money?

Webcam model jobs, how to make money?

Any webcam site has its own currency – as a rule, these are tokens. Usually 1 token is $ 0.05, depending on the website’s webcams. Users trading tokens for real money, and then spend them on models. At the same time, expressing their desires to be fulfield on camera. Of course you may reject any favor or wish, if these are too much for you. The tokens that the model receives are transferred in $ to the private account of the web model, part goes to the site, another – to you. As a rule, webcams get about 50% of sites, the numbers that you see in your account are the amount minus a percentage. Thus, there are several ways to get the same tokens from users:

1. Tips in free chat

Tips in free chat

In the same way, viewers may provide you with tokens in a free chat, and most likely this happens, when viewers like the model. This often comes about if the web model is quite sociable and takes the initiative. It happens that a couple of fans appear, giving during each broadcast, for example, 1000 tokens, just for communication.

2. Fulfillment of desires

Webcam model jobs

The model herself decides what`s to be done for a certain number of tokens. In other words, she sets the limits on her own. This is a kind of menu. For instance – list of services ( could be composed by the model only). “Add to friends” – 1 token, “Wanna see my tights?” – 10 tokens, “I will dance for you” – 50 tokens. For convenience, you can set up a special bot that will automatically record the list of your services in the chat. In addition, the viewers themselves may wish for something by negotiating about the reward with you.

3. Earnings in private chats

Earnings in private chats

Most model`s tokens are earned on private chats. This is a paid chat, only those users who paid for are able to see you. For example, in BongaCams there are 3 types of private chats:

Full private chat – the model communicates with one user only, the cost of such a chat is 90 tokens per minute. You get 10 dollars per 5 minutes of a pleasant chatting,

An ordinary private chat is the same as the first, only with an ability to sneak on. You will be able to see users who pay 15 tokens per minute, while they will not be able to communicate you. The cost of this chat for the person who invited you is 60 tokens per minute.

Group private chat – as the name implies, several people will be able to speak with you, but collecting 30 tokens per minute from the party to continue talking,

4. Earnings by the sellting photos

Earnings on the sale of photographs

Our members buy photos willingly and with a great excitement. You can put it in your profile and get tokens for every viewing. Of course, photos and videos are intrinsically erotic. That`s why it`s not for everyone, but if you are ready to – it brings you an additional income.

5. LOVENSE toys


The most extreme way to earn money, certainly not for everyone. Using a LOVENSE toys – you know the very vibrating thing. And the more tokens are thrown to you, the stronger the vibrations`d be. Suitable only for very experienced and skillful models who are ready to make a lot of money. Such a little thing costs about $ 150, meanwhile significantly increases your income, but whether you should use it – is up to you.

Webcam model jobs benefits

In fact, there are more benefits to work as a web model jobs at home than it might seem at first glance. So, let’s analyze the most significant advantages:

1. Good earnings

Webcam model jobs

With a serious attitude to business, you can earn much more money than any other job may provide you with . The income of the models is quite high. Yet it is clear that money does not fall from the sky and you need to make up something. But still it is really a profitable business. Keep in mind that only those models who have been working for a long time and are well-known already,receive large amounts. At first, everything will be much more modest.

2. Complitely freedom from schedule and bosses

Webcam model jobs

One of the main advantages is an absolutely free schedule, it simply does not exist. The model works whether she it wants or not. Have you ever dreamed about that kind of job?

Taking a day-off whenever u want to. There is no bosses, no one commands what to do, nothing is limited or forbidden, but the desire to develop and earn money. Whenever you want just turn on the broadcast – and turn it off the at any time.

3. Creative and originative work

Creative work, it all depends on you

In modeling a webcam, everything is up to you; there are no boundaries for making money. The more interesting the audience is to watch you, the more you recieve them. Accordingly, if you want to earn more than the rest, you need to use your imagination. Always try something new: images, costumes, communication style, unusual actions (for example, playing video games on broadcasts), etc. Therefore, usually more experienced models earn more money, as they already have their fans and higher positions in the search. Of course, everything is individual and depends on many factors. But it is undeniable that webcams are on the most creative and interesting activity.

4. No obligation

No obligation

It`s needless to think about any obligations, there are none ot it. At any time, the model can delete her account and create it again if she wants. This is absolutely free and does not require any costs. It is very convenient and flexible. Worth trying at least.

5. Popularity among men

Popularity among men

Webcam models usually have a huge fan base. Being in the spotlight of many men,grants you a great pleasure. Some people use a webcam not even for money, but because of a lack of attention. This is the time and place you can take advantage of this desire.

Who can become a webcam model?

Webcam model jobs

Absolutely anyone over the age of 18 can try their hand at modeling a webcam. It can be either a girl, a guy, a girl with a guy (or couple), a couple of girls, or even a couple of guys. The most important things are the sociability and the desire to earn. Age and shape parameters (if you are a little overweight) absolutely do not matter, everyone has different likes and preferences. Putting it mildly, there are many models older than 40 which don`t have enough of “model appearance” , despite that, they`ve succeed working as web models and still give odds to young ones.

It will also be a plus if you have no complexes and are ready for partial undressing at least. Although,as mentioned earlier, this is not the most important thing,still it gives you an edge. Usually web models attract men`s with erotic shows. Yet there are exceptions, of course. Many of our models are able to earn being dressed, but keep focusing on communication by using their charisma.
Perhaps you may perform the same. No one forces you to be naked. Just express youself in any way you want to be seen.

In any case, it dosen`t require any investment, but a little time. If you don’t like something or find something too rude to accomplish or even think about – you are completely free to delete your account and try again later, if you change your mind.

Webcam model jobs, what does earnings depend on?

Webcam model jobs, what does earnings depend on?

Many factors influence how much a particular model can earn. It`s unreal to predict how much profit you could get. . After all, half the whole thing depends audience and its preferences. We can only to stress a few significant factors may can affect your total income the most.

1. Sociability and charisma

Sociability and charisma

First of all, it depends on sociability. You may not possess either a stunning appearance or a sport figure with a big bust nor a perfect round and pert bottom, but being charismatic,engaging or an intriguing person, cover all the cons, so makes you unique and attractive. Users are especially attracted to sociable model, for chatting with the one appreciates much more than gazing at big tits or fake smile.

2. Consistency and regularity of broadcasts

Consistency and regularity of broadcasts

It is incredibly important to conduct your broadcasts regularly. Even if they are not too long but a few hours per day,grant you an additional income. Thus it provides you with a huge fan base of men or women who are looking forward to visit your next stream. The constancy and regularity of broadcasting webcam models, of course, is the key to reach success.

3. Uniqueness and distinctive features

Uniqueness and distinctive features

Undoubtedly, any of your distinguishing features in front of other girls sets you apart from the crowd. This gives you an advantage: more users visit the broacast because you are different from other models. Whatever it is – hair color, tattoos, beautiful underwear, any distinguishing features in appearance. It`s not necessarily should be external characteristics. You can be unique having a beautiful voice or even vocal itself – it s up to you only. Summarizing,If you possess something like this, it will definitely affects your earnings.

4. Sexy webcam models

Sexy webcam models

The sexuality of the webcam model, in fact, is the basis for making money. Since most of your viewers are men, it’s most important to charm them with your sexuality. You must be able to awake your natural sexuality. Wear sexy clothes and arrange your workplace as conceived.

5. Broadcasting equipment

Broadcasting equipment

Equipment is far from the most important factor when working with a webcam model. But the minimum necessary for work is a good webcam with a computer, or at least a phone with a decent camera. Also, you can not do without a good Internet, perhaps the Internet is more important than anything else. Indeed, without good internet, your broadcast will be interrupted, and you will not be very pleased to watch you. If you do not mind investing in your work. Then you can also buy a microphone, as well as equip and decorate the workplace. This will give you an edge over other models.

Webcam model jobs and anonymity

Webcam model jobs

If there is any worrying about your anonymity, you are able to turn off any city, region or even country, so avoiding to be displayed and exposed. In an extreme case, if you are a bit paranoid, you can start broadcasting wearing a mask or hiding your face in any way you need. Also, all the data specified during registration are completely confidential. There is not a single case that models are disturbed about. There are a lot of models working all over the globe, and every day their number increases.

Note: If you want to remain anonymous, first of all you should close your profile on all social networks. There are programs on the Internet that may find your profile by photographing your face.

How To Become A Cam Girl?

There are 2 options for working as a web model – via a computer or laptop and using a phone. For the first option you will need:

Laptop / Computer
Good internet
Age 18+

Note. It is very important to have a good internet connection, besides a computer and a webcam. Without this, your broadcast will be too lagging.

Webcam model jobs by phone

For those who do not have a computer, there`s is a great way to try yourself as a web model. The only website with a webcam where you can fully work over your phone is BongaCams, one of the best sites for beginner models. Register with BongaCams as a web model. Of course, working through a computer is more convenient and easier. But first time you may try working with by phone, all you need is:

Modern smartphone
Good internet
Age 18+

Note: Working over the phone,make sure that it has a good camera and is powerful enough for broadcasting. Just as when working with the computer, e a stable Internet connection is required.

Webcam sites, which one to choose for work?

The most difficult question for many models, and even more so for beginners. Frankly speaking, there are a fairly large number of websites. Some of them are less popular and some more, but any of them are used by a large number of users. More precisely, there are only two of them which have been working for years,gaining the reputation. These are BongaCams and Chaturbate, while other sites are far behind. If you want to achieve maximum success – try them out.

  • Ideal for brand new models
  • You can fully work with your phone
  • Virtually no promotion is required, earnings from the first days
  • Very convenient and simple site interface
  • The site is constantly evolving and getting better every day, if you
  • Want to become a web model, then BongaCams is the best option
  • The site has excellent support that answers any question very quickly

Go to registration

  • The best webcam site in the world
  • A huge number of users and models
  • The highest earnings, provided that you promote your account
  • Quite complicated site interface
  • Hardly suitable for brand new web models, because of its complexity
  • It’s not possible to earn money right away, first you need to spin up and spend a lot of time
  • For full work on this site, you need a computer or laptop with a webcam.

Go to registration

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