Sex lesbian story of a trip to moscow

Have I ever wondered about the sweet and tender sex? Sure. But was there any place for a woman on my side?I don`t know,but Katie has conviced me. Sex lesbian story begins with my moving in Moscow.

Sex lesbian story

My sex story of meeting an attractive boss Katie – the sweetest woman I` ve ever dealt with

I am Kelsey and I am as pretty as I am humble. At 5’7″ and 115 pounds, with size C tits, a perfect round and yet pert ass, straight blond hair and nice white skin that tans so nice.

Half a year ago I left my hometown and moved to live in Moscow. I have never been to Moscow before and my russian language sucks, thefore I had but 1 choice – to request for help my faithful friend Bartie. As a result I found a nice place to live – my friend helped me this time and moreover – she supported me in searching a job. (Sex lesbian story) That`s how I get a job as a secretary in a company. The director of the company loaded me with work and gave me a week of probation which I successfully managed and began to work.

Three month ago I met a young man called Matt, we had a love affair and after two weeks dating I moved to him, so we began to live together. ( Sex lesbian story)

One evening Matt came home drunk…. this happened again and again mixed with scandals. For several days I`ve been in a terrible mood so my boss Katie noticed that.

Having a sympathetic boss – is a miracle

Sex  lesbian story

At the end of another working day she summoned me to her office and started to question me.  I was surprised a little, for I supposed she to be much more strict.

To my greater surprise I was invited to a cafe after several questions.

In the café we had a nice talk. I learned a bit about here life… she`s married, her husband is often on business trips and she has`nt had any children yet. After all she`s only 30.

We drank a little and I cheered up a bit. We were so involved in chatting that the sound of a sudden slow dance on the background returned as to the reality – with two handsome guys intently watching us. Finally they got the courage and invited us to dance, Time passed by quickly so when I looked at the clock – it was about midnight and we began to start packing ourselves up.

I made my way home all alone. Having quietly entered the house I decided to lie in another room so as not to wake Matt , but I failed –  a light came  in the room and I saw Matt – drunk and fierce, so scandal began once more. ( for more )

As a result I ve been kicked out from the flat carrying my luggage.

My sex story continues……

After a little thought I dialed Katie to tell her what`s happened to me. She listened my story carefully and offered me to stay with her for the night.

But I didn`t know she was planning another romantic date this evening. Had I known, I`d have never agreed to this offer,,, what could be more disgusting – to hear  behind the wall every single soung of…

John – a handsome, charming and mysterious stranger.

John`s cock tastes good

Shivering I called a taxi. I was wondering what am I to do and how to behave myself. However I headed to Katie being deep in thoughts, She greeted me politely. We  were chatting in the living room when a doorbell rang. My friend said this was a man who she was planning to have a date with. Obviously her lover, John – a genteman introduced himself and kissed my hand. – A man what I`ve been looking for – I thought. The three of us sat in the living room, we drank a little, talked about the reason I got here and at the end I went to a separate room, feeling refreshed and kind of flirty. I undressed naked ( the habit of always sleeping naked.)

Actually I was not eager to sleep, I wanted something..special, I felt quite  excited due to having drunk so much alcohol. I let my hand over my breast and the nipples hardened and plesantly ached in my lower abdomen

Another chapter of sex lesbian story – spying on my boss and her lover

Lesbian Sex story

I put my left hand down there. I was already wet and began the usual movements with my fingers on my pussy. My lips were dry – I was thirsty. I got up, putting  on robe over my naked body and went into the kitchen.

Passing near Katie`s room I heard the peculiar sounds from the bedroom….  I could not restrain myself…and at the same moment I heard her groaning. She was moaning so hard.  I snuck closer to the living room and the action shocked me. Karie was almost facing me, yet she wasn`t able to see me. She was lying back on a couch.  Her black top was off, she was clothless, expect a pair of white tights socks. Her firm, round tits were completely free. The nipples were pink and  hardened, headed towars the ceiling,

“Oh, baby,” . I heard John`s clear voice, probably staring at her revealed cups.

“Wait …wait, John” I heard Katie’s begging voice. “Don’t go so fast.”

For some reason I started envy her…. Having such a man desaring my naked body.. It would make me exploded!

Now I know that I was getting turned on for sure.

Katie leaned on the couch, blushed and smiling ,while John was strocking her ass with his cock. His balls were spanked on Katie’s buttocks. I clearly examined Katie’s slender body and breasts of the third size … With my tongue, I ran my dry lips … Raising the floors of my dressing robe, I began to masturbate stealthy my cunt.

long-awaited punishment

Mouth penetration

“Whatever happens. I don`t care” – I thought, queitly entering the room and sat down in a chair.

Meanwhile John`s cock surged again into girl`s ass, driving deeper with each stroke he made. ” Yes,” she moaned , so John was happy to hear that, grunting with an effort, so heat seized him, piercing through. They both had been carried away with pleasure so much, that they didn`t notice my presence for a little while. I spread my legs out and started to сaress my wet pussy. I was already at the edge of excitement. Being able to watch Katies`s slender figure shuddering under John`s muscular body.

John was hard to put down with Katie, beginning to fuck her ass deeper and depeer with each strock. At last Katie`s ass was full of cum and with moan of a satisfield woman she leaned upon the sofa, closing her eyes in oblivion, while John taking out his mighty cock saw me. Seeing that my mouth was opened, without thinking he bestowed his penis into my  mouth and took my hair.. rude and tough, skillfully sticking me on his dick. I did not expect that.. so, I had no choice but to obey that  great cock, filling both of us with pleasure. Henceforce, he made me to suck and lick his tough and long shaft over and over.It began to harden, increasing in size and suddenly the liquid flooded my mouth so I almost bent over, being shocked for a while, swallowing and coughing. My sex story goes on.

Katie lay down a little and turned towards me.

My boss goes into action

“Would you mind me joining you?” – she asked, smiling with pleasure on the lips.

It was unnecesarry to question either of us, She knelt between my legs ang began to plunge her long fingers in my pussy, looking  just in my eyes, probably watching my reaction.

Being fucked by both – a muscule man and a slender woman at once was beyoung dreams, She pumpled  her fingers in and out of my cunt. My wetness increased to the point where my knuckles smacked wetly againsth snatch. My fluid came out of my hole.

“ Huh! Ahh! Oh, God! Please” I literally cried, begging to continue Katie pushing her smooth fingers into me.

But she abandoned my pussy and moved to the foot of the bed. My legs had spread ever so slightly, but she was still posed relatively modestly. I held her ankle and lifted her left leg. I then brought her foot back towards her butt, thus stretching her quadriceps. Then laying her leg back down, and with her knee bent, I held her foot in the air. giving her a foot massage.

Parting massage. Sex lesbian story

Sex lesbian story of a trip to moscow

John looked at me and smiled. With a touch of sarcasm, he said, “something, has caused Katie and me to feel a certain affection for you two. How would you feel about coming up to visit us in Vancouver next summer?”

Considering the previous few hours, the invitation was loaded with implications. Without even looking at me, Katie blurted out, “absolutely… That’s a definite yes.”

I bent over and hugged her. She stood up. ”

Katie then spun around me  so she was facing me. Katie wrapped her arms around  my breast, squeezing my nipples. “Good, because I have a favor to ask… All that time in bed with John has my back acting up again… Any chance I could get another massage tonight?”  She smiled shrewdly and winked at me.

That`s how my sex story comes to an and. For now… To be continued.

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