Lesbian foot fetish sexy story

I have always been a non-conflict and peaceful person, who loved or rather honored women.But that accident has changed me and turned everything upsite down. Lesbian foot fetish story begins….

Lesbian foot fetish girls meet me the first time

It was late and I was hanging out in the living room of my house. I was on the internet messing around and had taken a few sleeping pills to help me get to sleep. I was alone when I had taken it, but a few minutes after I popped them Jennifer and Nikki had come over.
These were the last girls I wanted to see. They had both separately shown interests in me in the past few weeks. And I had snubbed them both. Jennifer was crazy, too chubby for me, and so was Nikki, she had short hair. They sat on my couch and told me they were waiting for my roommate. Whatever, I thought, as long as they were gone before the pills took effect.
They weren’t, I guess my roommate was running late. I told them both they had to leave or wait elsewhere because I was going to go to sleep as I had taken a few pills. They agreed to wait outside and I went to my room and practically blacked out right away.

Lesbian foot fetish girls captive me as a hostage!

lesbian foot fetish

I didn’t know it at the time, but this was exactly what they were waiting for. When I woke up I wasn’t in my bed. Instead I was lying on my back in an unfamiliar place.
I tried to move but realized I couldn’t. My hands were tied to the legs of a chair. My feet were both bound to a large wooden table. I was completely helpless, spread eagle on the floor, and soon realized I was naked. I screamed out for help.
That was when Jen and Nikki both walked in.

“Look, our little captive is awake” Jen said as Nikki giggled a bit. “What the fuck” I exclaimed. “You crazy bitches need to let me go now”
“Shut him up while we explain to him why he is here” Jen told Nikki.

Immediately Nikki walked towards where I was laying tied up on the floor and. She smiled down at me. She then took off her tennis shoe and removed her filthy sock. “Open up wide” she sang as she balled it up and forced it in my mouth. It tasted like dirt and stunk like crazy! What the hell were they doing to me!? Why Lesbian foot fetish!?

Getting tortured by the lesbians – what could be more disgusting!?

lesbian foot fetish

With the sock securely in my mouth, the two girls stood over me laughing. “He does look pretty cute like this” Nikki said as she covered her mouth and giggled some more. “Should we tell him why he is here”

“Hm, yes, I think it’s time” Jen said smugly.

“But first, let’s let him know who is boss here”

With that, both girls removed their shoes and started kicking me relentlessly. It lasted for a good five minutes, with their stinky feet kicking what seemed like every part of my body. By the time they were finished I was beaten so badly I could barely move.

“You are here” Jen started before kicking me one last time hard in the ribs, “because you think you are so much better than we are, but in reality, you are no better than the dirt on our feet.”

It was then I saw the most horrifying sight I had ever seen in my life. Nikki pulled out some scissors from behind her back and started snapping them shut. “If you don’t do everything we say, kiss your little cock goodbye”

Oh my god! What were these two women planning?

I nearly pissed myself I was so scared.

“First of all, you aren’t worthy of either one of us. We are lesbians now, and you…” Jen said with a smile” are our new slave.”

“Oh,” Nikki added, “And don’t think screaming will help you. We rented this place far out in the woods to get away from anyone who might not agree with our lifestyle so there is no one around for miles to hear you.

“Nod if you understand” Jen said as she reached for the sock. I nodded, not knowing what else I could do. She slowly removed the sock from my mouth and I laid there quiet, fearing the worst.

“Like we said before” Nikki started, “You aren’t good enough for either one of us. Not even good enough for the dirt on the bottoms of our feet. However, we have decided that’s just what you will get. You, cute little man all tied up, will be our new foot slave. You can always decline, but if you do, Jen will cut off your dick.” ( Lesbian foot fetish)

How is it – being a foot slave of the dirty sluts?

lesbian foot fetish

As she said it Jen started snipping the scissors near my nether region. At the same time Nikki moved her dirty foot near my mouth. “You have a choice. Either start cleaning it with your dirty tongue or lose your manhood”

Her feet were so stinky, but I had no choice. My tongue came out of my mouth and started to lick her toes. She laughed, Jen continued snipping, and I slowly started to lick her toes.

“DO IT BETTER THAN THAT” Jen screamed at me and snipped a little too close to my cock. I was scared the shit out of me and made me lick like my life depended on it.

“That’s it” Nikki smiled down on me. She moved her toes deeper into my mouth.

“Suck my toes like you are in love with them. Don’t worry, Jen has nasty feet too. You will get to those after you finish with mine.” (Lesbian foot fetish)

With that she moved to sit in the chair above me. She then stuck her dirty foot in my face. “Clean NOW” she ordered. I did, despite the taste being worse than anything I have ever tasted in my life
“How cool is this” Nikki said to Jen as I licked and sucked at her dirty toes. “A week ago he couldn’t even look at me, now he is sucking my toes! It feels so good, you are going to love this” Jen smiled, “I can’t wait. I always thought he would look cute tied up, now I am sure of it.”

The two women giggled as I cleaned each of Nicki’s feet, sucking each toe and licking the heels for what seemed like forever. Then Nikki got up and Jen sat down.

I didn’t know if it was possible for anyone’s feet to stink more than Nicki’s did. But now I was sure. Jen’s toes smelled rotten. It took all I had to bring my tongue to come in contact with her foot. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. Licking the dirt of those stinky, nasty, ugly feet. But I had no choice. These women were crazy and I knew they would have no qualms about snipping my cock right off.

Licking the lesbians`s foot – the thing I am up to

Lesbian foot fetish sexy story

After I was done the two stood over me once more, kicking me with their bare feet until I couldn’t move again. Then Jen left for a second and came back with some pills.

“These are to make sure you don’t try to escape. You will eat one of these every day. They are not sleeping pills like the ones you took. They will make you completely weak and docile. We don’t want you ever trying to escape; you will be here forever as a foot slave to both of us, and these will make sure you don’t have the energy to try to escape from your bonds. You will never have sex with us, though. That’s the fun part, for us, not you” they both laughed.

I was given the pill, force fed with Jen’s toes and then forced to suck her big toe until it took effect. When it did I realized they were right. I wasn’t completely out but I had absolutely no energy at all to resist them.

“Now, let us tell you a little bit about your new life” Nikki said smiling while Jens toe was still in my mouth. “Because you didn’t want either of us, you will never get either of us. What you will get is our dirty feet, every day, night, morning, and any other time we choose, every day.”
Jen then spoke up. “You have such beautiful lips. They look so cute wrapped around my toe like that. Did Nikki mention we have moved to the middle of nowhere? Oh, and in case you get any ideas, one of us will always be here to torment you. But first things first, as I said before we are now lesbians, so having a naked man around just won’t do. Nikki?”

Nikki then stood over me with the scissors as Jen got up. If I had the energy to move, I couldn’t because my cock was stuck in between the blades of the scissors. Jen then untied me and slipped something on me. It was a dress. I was then tied up again.

“You are going to be our little slave bitch” Nikki laughed. I sat there on my knees groggy while the two evil women stood in front of me.

“Now, bow on your knees, kiss each of our toes, and thank us for letting you become our slave!”

To show me the last sentence wasn’t a joke, Nikki snipped the scissors a few times. That was enough to convince me. I kissed all twenty of them on each foot, as I bowed before them. They both laughed hard and Nikki even offered up her second foot.

“This is your new life” Nikki said smugly,

“Kissing and licking our dirty feet. You probably already do, but you will regret even more the way you treat women. Maybe not now , but when you have done nothing but licked feet for the next week, it might finally dawn on you”

That was the beginning. They tied me up 24/7. Forced to lick their feet clean, suck their toes, and do whatever other humiliating nasty things they can think of. At night, they tied me to their bed and forced to suck each of their toes gently while they sleep, under threat of the scissors. I am always wearing a dress, no shoes. I am constantly made to do the housework for them.

As they promised, I never have sex with either of them. They have plenty of sex with each other, just not with me. I am a foot slave. When they make out, which is all the time, I have to sit at their feet and clean with my tongue.

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